in Italy

Priceless tradition, precious culture of made in Italy craftsmanship, more than sixty years of experience and high-quality footwear.

ARBITER tells the fascinating story of brilliant entrepreneurship, sacrifice and passion, the enviable qualities displayed by President Alfonso Marciano, mentor and inspirational leader for all his children, heirs of a company on the rise in Italy and abroad.

Strong and impressive, the brand name conceals a Latin character that draws its origins from the Roman Empire: indeed, back in 62 AD, Titus Petronius Arbiter, teacher and confidante of young Nero, was known to be an excellent “elegance referee”, a sophisticated man of the world with an unquestionable aesthetic taste, who was able to break the rigid rules of traditional costumes, setting new style canons, all the while cherishing luxury and elegance.

The brand name, therefore, reveals the most genuine soul of Shoe Collections for Men: careful design, extreme attention to raw materials and all stages of strictly Italian craftsmanship, and clear classical and contemporary appeal.

Each ARBITER creation is a perfect blend of past and present, high-quality products specially created for demanding, careful and informed customers who are always looking for classy items and exclusivity.