South Africa

South Africa:
a successful story

A unique and fascinating story whose roots can be traced to a chance meeting that took place 35 years ago, between Mr. Marciano, Arbiter’s President, and Mr. Dino Sturino, a.k.a. OLD MAN, the famous owner of MOOI SHOES, a world-renowned shoe store in Johannesburg.

The relationship between the two men went from fortuitous encounter to solid friendship, which, year after year, evolved into a commercial partnership enhanced by mutual esteem. Since the beginning, Mr. Sturino decided to purchase only precious TOP-QUALITY materials from Arbiter, such as TEJUS and CROCODILE.

As a result of this long and winning partnership, the Sturino Family is today the proud owner of three stores, two of which are called CASA DI ARBITER, and located in Johannesburg.

The multiple goals achieved and shared together through determination, passion and trust contributed to ARBITER’s growth and dissemination in South Africa, which is considered one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative markets in the world , today the feather on the cap of Mr. Marciano’s Group.

The entrepreneurial drive that has always set Mr. Marciano and his children apart has evolved in the last years into state-of-the-art design, research and consistent updating of proposals, which aim to enhance corporate expansion plans in Italy and abroad.

Every pair of shoes conceived in the company’s workshops is specifically targeted to a bracket of sophisticated customers who are informed in fashion & style and  inclined to select only the best, always and under any circumstance.

Luxury concept and selectivity are, therefore, the essential principles that over the years guided the Company’s modus operandi projected towards known global commercial venues and partnerships with famous brands, all inspired by exclusive lines and Italian excellence.

Olympia RSA
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